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We inspire to reduce plastic waste by developing programs and creating compelling products.

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Create positive awareness and reward with a unique product

Our kids are the future! When in primary school, they are very enthusiastic and caring about their environment.

Inspire your neighbourhood with circularity

You live, eat, sleep and grow up in your cosy neighbourhood. We share the responsibility of maintaining our own neighbourhood, but is

Landelijke Opschoondag 2017

To start a movement, you need to engage as many as possible. We are a partner in national campaigns for a cleaner and more sustainable environment. We contribute to the campaign by sharing our knowledge and network in the plastic chain and come up with creative ideas on how to get everyone involved and make it happen. With the marble tile municipalities reward their inhabitants for their contribution to a cleaner environment.

Plastic Whale Rotterdam: get on board for a fantastic plastic fishing experience

Plastic Whale is the first Plastic Fishing Company in the world! With 9 vessels made of recycled plastic bottles in the Netherlands, we started a movement of Plastic Fishing.

In the media

Plastic Whale – Clean up Rotterdammers4Rotterdammers Team Seris2020-10-28T11:55:13+00:00
Plastic Whale – Clean up Rotterdammers4Rotterdammers Team Erling & Elise2020-10-28T11:54:41+00:00
Plastic Whale – Clean up Rotterdammers4Rotterdammers Team MKB2020-10-28T11:55:56+00:00
Plastic Whale – This is forward: Coca Cola Nederland – 12/06/’192019-06-20T10:48:14+00:00
Plastic Whale – Students fish for plastic in the Rotterdam canals – Erasmus magazine 06/06/’192019-06-20T10:54:23+00:00
Plastic Whale – Over het probleem plastic soep – Pameijer TV 24/05/’192019-06-20T10:51:10+00:00
Plastic Circle – Kunstwerk van plastic doppen op boulevard – De Posthoorn 24/11/’182018-11-12T14:59:15+00:00
Plastic Whale Rotterdam – Plastic vrije wateren in Rotterdam – OpenRotterdam 13/09/’182018-10-18T15:36:23+00:00
Plastic Whale Rotterdam – Tweede Gouden Plastic Whale maakt Rotterdamse wateren plastic vrij – OpenRotterdam 09/10/’182018-10-18T15:37:19+00:00
Plastic Whale Rotterdam – Krijgt tweede sloep voor afvalvissen – RTV Rijnmond 09/10/’182018-10-18T15:31:18+00:00
Plastic Whale Rotterdam – Sla een petfles aan de haak – RTV Rijnmond 06/09/’182018-11-12T15:01:28+00:00
Plastic Circle – ‘Van Plastic dop tot knikkertegel’ basisschool de Meerpaal in Lemmer – 04/04/’182018-05-04T14:12:37+00:00
Plastic Circle – Schoonmaakactie Delfshaven – RTV Rijnmond 16/03/’182018-03-18T12:31:04+00:00
Plastic Circle – Interview Karin Hille – Radio 6FM 25/11/’172018-01-05T10:56:39+00:00
Plastic Whale Rotterdam – Plastic vissen in een kersttrui – De Havenloods 23/11/’172018-01-05T10:48:19+00:00
Plastic Whale Rotterdam – 3 september 2017, tv Rijnmond2017-09-12T14:39:56+00:00

Plastic vissen tijdens Wereld Havendagen 2017

Plastic Whale Rotterdam – 9 augustus 2017, Hart van Holland Hillegersberg-Schiebroek2017-08-09T13:12:03+00:00
Plastic Circle – 1 juli 2017, Noordhollands Dagblad2017-07-03T15:27:48+00:00

Plastic Circle & Plastic Whale Rotterdam – 27 mei 2017, Metro Rotterdam2017-06-06T14:15:58+00:00
Plastic Whale Rotterdam – 20 april 2017, AD Rotterdams Dagblad2017-05-08T14:34:55+00:00

Afval opvissen in sloep van Plastic Whale

Plastic Circle – februari 2017, Supporter van Schoon2017-05-10T08:36:54+00:00

Supportersportret founder Karin Hille

Plastic Whale Rotterdam – 11 januari 2017, AD Rotterdams Dagblad2017-05-08T15:00:08+00:00
Plastic Circle – 2 september 2016, AD Rotterdams Dagblad2017-05-09T07:20:25+00:00

900 plastic bootjes aan de brugleuning

Plastic Whale Rotterdam – 29 augustus 2016, Metro Rotterdam2017-05-08T14:35:35+00:00

Plastic vissen: Eerste sloep van ingezameld afval uit Rotterdamse wateren

Plastic Whale Rotterdam, 18 juni 2016 – doop eerste sloep2017-06-09T13:09:15+00:00

Een mooie after movie van de doop tijdens Wijnhaven Festival 18 juni. De eerste Plastic Whale Rotterdam sloep is een feit en we hopen met zoveel mogelijk mensen te plasticvissen! Tot gauw op het water!

Geplaatst door Plastic Whale Rotterdam op woensdag 3 augustus 2016

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